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Connecting Our Community

The Solon Area Community Foundation has taken a significant step forward in engaging with the community by embracing social media platforms. In a bid to foster deeper connections and share their community-building endeavors, the foundation has recently launched or enhanced our presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why Social Media Matters Social media platforms have […]

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Solon Sign

Celebrating Impactful Investments: Solon Area Community Foundation’s Legacy

The Solon Area Community Foundation stands as a testament to community-driven progress and vision. Since its inception, this foundation has been a beacon of change, catalyzing projects that have left an indelible mark on Solon and its surroundings. Supported entirely by donations, the Foundation’s commitment to enhancing the region has sparked numerous initiatives that resonate

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November in Eastern Iowa

As the calendar turns to November, the landscape in Eastern Iowa begins to transform. The vibrant autumn leaves that peaked in October have mostly fallen, revealing a more subdued palette of browns, grays, and evergreens. While some may see this as a time of decay, there is a quiet beauty to embrace this time of

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Diving Into Fall

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the Solon Area Community Foundation is diving into fall! As the seasons change, we begin to reflect on the year so far. From providing scholarships to Solon High School seniors to supporting important community projects, the SACF continues working to enrich the Solon area. This fall,

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Autumn Outdoor Activities

Autumn Outdoor Activities

Fall is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the crisp, cool weather before winter arrives. Here are some fun outdoor activities to try this autumn: Take a Hike The fall foliage makes hiking incredibly scenic this time of year. Look for trails at local parks or nature preserves to enjoy the changing leaves.

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Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat

Summer in Solon is a time of vibrant energy, but it can also bring sweltering temperatures. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got your back with some cool tips to help you beat the heat. So, grab a cold drink and let’s dive in! ☀️ Stay Hydrated – H2O Is Your Best Friend The sun’s blazing, and

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SACF Solon Area Community Foundation

SACF Board Members: Meet the Solon Area Community Foundation Leadership Team

The Solon Area Community Foundation (SACF) is guided by a group of dedicated community leaders who make up the Foundation’s Board of Directors. This talented team of professionals and volunteers oversees the organization’s operations, financials, grant-making, and community initiatives. Let’s meet the individuals who generously devote their time and expertise to drive the SACF’s mission

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