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Building Solon's Future

The Solon Area Community Foundation is always searching for projects of community interest. If you have a project you think we might be able to help with please let us know.

Here are some of the projects we are proud to have invested in.


Municipal Sign & Flagpole

1984 - Investment: $10,000
2007 - Investment: $6,000
2010 - Investment: $10,000

The initial project of the Foundation was the Solon municipal sign and flagpole, which is located at the city park on Highway 1 at Main Street. A time capsule was made a part of the municipal sign, and numerous local organizations were encouraged to place memorabilia in the capsule. The sign was constructed in 1984 and dedicated in 1985.

Over 20 years later, the Foundation assisted in funding the construction of similar markers on the south (2007) and north (2010) entrances to Solon on Highway 1.

Solon City Marker

North Shore Trail

1989 - Investment: $24,000
2018 - Investment: $4,000

An ongoing project of the Solon Area Community Foundation has been the North Shore Trail between Solon and Lake Macbride State Park. The trail is a 5-mile trek from Solon to the entrance of the park and is open to hikers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. The project took almost five years of work by the Solon Area Community Foundation and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, with a significant share of the money for the trail coming from the Foundation. The trail was completed and dedicated in 1989.

North Shore Trail
5 Miles of Beautiful Scenery & Nature
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Solon Public Library

1998 - Investment: $25,000

Contribution of $25,000 toward construction costs of the current Solon Public Library building.


Solon Recreation & NATURE AREA

1999 - Investment: $2,500

Funding to begin grading at the Solon Recreation & Nature Area (SRNA).


Spartan Stadium Scoreboard

2011 - Investment: $25,000

Donated $25,000 to defray the cost of the scoreboard and sound system at Spartan Stadium.

Spartan Stadium Scoreboard

Freedom Rock

2015 - Investment: $12,300

Donation for creation of Johnson County Freedom Rock.

In a joint effort with the Solon American Legion and several key community members, the foundation in 2016 funded the Johnson County Freedom Rock in Solon. The Freedom Rock honors local veterans is located next to the Solon Veterans Memorial.


Water Tower Custom Painting

2016 - Investment: $5,000

Donated $5,000 to City of Solon to defray enhanced water tower painting costs.


Workout Equipment

2018 - Investment; $5,000

SACF contributed funding of public workout equipment for the Solon High School addition. 

Workout Equipment

Solon Community Center

2018 - Investment: $2,310

Donation of $2,310 for purchase of Solon Community Center Sign.


Solon Firehouse

2019 - Investment: $30,000

Donated $30,000 to the Solon Firehouse project.

SACF - Solon Fire Department
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