Celebrating Impactful Investments: Solon Area Community Foundation’s Legacy

Solon Sign

The Solon Area Community Foundation stands as a testament to community-driven progress and vision. Since its inception, this foundation has been a beacon of change, catalyzing projects that have left an indelible mark on Solon and its surroundings. Supported entirely by donations, the Foundation’s commitment to enhancing the region has sparked numerous initiatives that resonate deeply within the community.

1984 – Municipal Sign & Flagpole
The iconic Solon municipal sign and flagpole, a symbol of unity and pride, was the inaugural project of the Foundation. Erected in 1984, it stands tall at the city park on Highway 1 at Main Street, embodying the spirit of Solon.

1989 – North Shore Trail
One of the Foundation’s ongoing endeavors, the North Shore Trail, serves as a testament to their dedication to recreation and connectivity. Stretching 5 miles from Solon to Lake Macbride State Park, this trail has become a cherished space for hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts.

1998 – Solon Public Library
The Foundation’s contribution of $25,000 towards the construction of the current Solon Public Library building stands as a cornerstone of knowledge and community enrichment.

2011 – Spartan Stadium Scoreboard
A proud supporter of education and athletics, the Foundation’s donation of $25,000 facilitated the installation of the scoreboard and sound system at Spartan Stadium.

2015 – Freedom Rock
Honoring local veterans, the Foundation joined hands with the Solon American Legion to fund the Johnson County Freedom Rock, a poignant tribute nestled beside the Solon Veterans Memorial.

2016 – Water Tower Custom Painting
Aesthetic enhancement and civic pride met when the Foundation donated $5,000 to support the City of Solon in embellishing the water tower with custom artwork.

2018 – Community Enhancements
From supporting public workout equipment for Solon High School to contributing towards the Solon Community Center’s signage, the Foundation continued its commitment to community welfare.

These projects are a testament to the Foundation’s unwavering dedication to building Solon’s future, one meaningful investment at a time. Through collaboration, vision, and unwavering community support, the Solon Area Community Foundation continues to be a driving force in shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Visit Solon Area Community Foundation’s Website to discover more about their impactful initiatives and how you can contribute to a thriving community.

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