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Solon Community Center

Supporting Important Causes in Solon

The Solon Area Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the Solon area and building a brighter future for its residents.

For over 30 years, the Foundation has worked to connect caring citizens and businesses with causes that matter in the community. The foundation provides funding to support a diverse range of projects and initiatives that benefit Solon in impactful ways.

Some of the key focus areas the Foundation supports includes arts and culture, education, environment, health and recreation, and human services.

Recent projects funded by the Foundation include:

  • Solon Firehouse
  • Solon Public Library
  • Solon Recreation & Nature Area (SRNA)
  • North Shore Trail
  • Solon Community Center Sign
  • Workout equipment for the Solon High School
  • Johnson County Freedom Rock
  • Water Tower Painting
  • Spartan Stadium Scoreboard
  • Solon municipal sign and flagpole

The Solon Area Community Foundation is supported completely through private donations. Community members can get involved by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation. You can also connect with the Foundation to discuss sponsoring a specific program or project.

Visit the Foundation’s website at https://solonareacf.org to donate or learn more about their mission of building Solon’s future through community service. By supporting the Foundation, you support meaningful initiatives that enrich the lives of Solon residents.

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