Is That a Record?

13 Inches of Snow - Is That a Record?

✨When 13 Inches of Snow Isn’t a Record✨

Solon residents woke up on Tuesday to a surprise winter wonderland. 13.2 inches of snow blanketed yards, streets, and rooftops – bringing smiles to some faces and sighs to others. While heavy snowfall can wreak short-term havoc, this post isn’t about shoveling driveways or slippery commutes. No, today we’re talking records, and whether or not Solon’s latest snow dump broke any.

So how does our recent 13+ inch snow measure event stack up historically? Was it unprecedented? Rare? Not even close. Because while shoveling nearly a foot and a half of powder makes for a good workout, this was far from Solon’s biggest single-day snow total. That honor goes to the great Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011, which buried Solon under 16.5 inches of snow on February 2nd of that year.

The images from that epic storm are unforgettable – snow piled literally to the top of single-story homes, two-story drifts completely swallowing vehicles, and residents banding together to literally dig out. Compared to the all-out war against snow that accompanied that 2011 storm, our latest 13-incher was little more than a minor battle. An impressively snowy day, without question – but the title of “record snowfall” remains safely in the paws of Punxsutawney Phil and friends.

So while clear skies and warmer temperatures sound pretty good right about now (and are thankfully on the way!), part of living in this beautiful Midwest place we call home means occasionally doing battle royal with Old Man Winter. And when it comes to once-in-a-decade blizzards, Solon residents have the scars to prove our grit! Even if the recent white wave wasn’t a record-breaker, it was a doozy – and simply more proof that whatever storms may arise in Solon, we’ve got the strength, resilience, and community bonds to dig our way through to clearer days ahead. ✨

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