Solon’S Iconic Water Tower

Solon's Iconic Water Tower


2016 – Investment: $5,000

The water tower, now adorned with its captivating custom paint job, stands tall as a testament to the collaboration between community members and the City of Solon. It serves as a beacon of civic engagement and creativity, showcasing the city’s commitment to aesthetics and innovation.

The $5,000 investment demonstrates the dedication and generosity of the individuals involved in the project. Their commitment to enhancing the city’s infrastructure and visual appeal sets an inspiring example for others to follow. The water tower custom painting project serves as a testament to the power of community involvement and public-private partnerships in creating positive change.

Overall, the water tower custom painting project in the City of Solon exemplifies how a small investment and a shared vision can lead to significant transformations. By transforming a functional water tower into a stunning piece of art, the project has not only beautified the cityscape but also created a lasting symbol of community pride and unity.

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